Bees and Stars

There are a couple of new things on my recommendations page that I'm really loving and want to tell you all about. Go here on my recommendations page to check them out, or have a look below. Astrol Light: This small projector is truly magical. It projects a moon and star-scape across your ceiling / … Continue reading Bees and Stars

Anti Racism & Cultural Honouring

Prompted by the Natural Voice Network's Anti Racism & Cultural Honouring team (the ARCHers), I have written an Anti Racism & Cultural Honouring commitment for GLOW choir Brighton. You can read the commitment document that I have written, here: This is one of many steps towards doing better in this area, for me, for … Continue reading Anti Racism & Cultural Honouring

Dreamtime Dancing

This is a song I wrote around 2018, inspired by the altered states that insomnia can sometimes bring about. I re-recorded this song today, with a much improved home-recording set up I've been working on for months to support my Voice Acting work, and have made a video with this higher quality audio and some … Continue reading Dreamtime Dancing

Call To Action: Save Our Countryside! Please, please, PLEASE respond to this consultation, asking Highways England to scrap their proposed plan-of-destruction, and to build NO NEW ROADS. The beautiful villages and countryside where I grew up, Binsted and Walberton, stand to be DESTROYED, along with other villages, wildlife, countryside, habitats, the peace of an ancient Community Church which is still … Continue reading Call To Action: Save Our Countryside!

Finding Our Way

"Finding our way The path may yet be clear Breathe with this day We walk with Love and Fear near" Hannah-Rose Tristram 2021 The above are lyrics to a song I wrote today šŸ™‚ * These are strange in-between times. People are trying to live with Covid-19 at large. Trying to be sane and happy … Continue reading Finding Our Way

Words from a Vocal Client

"I've really enjoyed my one to one voice sessions with Hannah-Rose. She is very accommodating and flexible, working with what I want to bring to the table, and is not afraid to contribute, making it a participatory experience that is fun and encouraging." Ole H. Thank you Ole!