Here’s some stuff I think is great and worth shouting about!

This page is in two sections, with an affiliate links section first, then a further list of awesome things/people/projects after that.

The links in this section have affiliate links or a partner programme I’m part of. About that:

* None of my links are for amazon

* They are only for things I have chosen carefully.

* Affiliate links don’t pay much per purchase (a few pennies, eventually, but every little helps!): so just look at what interests you.

Thank you, if you choose to purchase through these links. I hope you will find something that you like.

These are in reverse alphabetical order.

* Utility Warehouse: a unique multi-service company offering the cheapest energy on the UK market, 100% renewable electricity, good deals on internet, mobile sims/handsets, and low cost insurance. They also offer ways to further reduce your bills, including a cashback card and referalls. UW have a partner programme that lets people earn good money by helping others, and they plant a tree in their woodland each time a new customer signs up. If you’d like to have a cost comparison or find out more, email me.

* Nature’s Healthbox: Foods, drinks, supplements and other health & beauty products within the natural, organic and environmentally friendly categories. Based near Brighton University, this small, family run business has a large directory of products listed on a user-friendly website that works for tablet and smart phones too. Parcels are packaged using eco-friendly materials and orders usually arrive within 2-4 working days. Natures Healthbox are working towards being as environmentally friendly as possible.

* Green Bay. An online vegan supermarket run by a friendly small company with its heart in the right place. Green Bay make it convenient to go/try vegan, helping reduce & put an end to cruelty to animals and the planet. Plus a weekly offers section to help keep costs down.

* Fosse Living. Candles, wax melts and other items to make your home smell incredible. Amy and Liam who founded Fosse, are dedicated to creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach. All products are plastic free, cruelty free and vegan. From reusable candle jars to recyclable packaging, they have been thoughtful throughout. Employees are given flexibility as they want them to thrive and have a good work/life life balance – all in all Fosse sounds like a lovely company, and I’m looking forward to gifting some of their items to dear ones.

* Astrol Light: Bringing the beauty of the moon and stars into your home, for relaxation, atmosphere and ambience. Good for a bit of extra twinkle and sparkle when you most need it. I got one of these on sale as a gift for my partner: she LOVED it, and we have it on to make relaxing vibes in the evenings.

See below for an array of things I think are worth sharing / shouting about!

This listings page is here for the joy of sharing and supporting others. There are no affiliate links in this section.

I hope you find something here that you enjoy, find interesting & benefit from. Please ignore anything that’s not for you.

Listings are in reverse alphabetical order.

  • Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, by Reni Eddo-Lodge. I highly recommend this important and informative book about racism.
  • Warning, Contains Advice! A free e-book for yoga teachers. A book of encouragement, advice and food for thought, for yoga teachers. Text written by me. E-book put together by Jude Murray.
  • Village Harmony. Singing & music workshops, concert tours & more, worldwide. High standards of musicianship with a refreshing & informed mindset, ethos & worldview. VH has changed & shaped my life. If you enjoy singing & want to see the world, check out Village Harmony camps.
  • VH: Northern Harmony. High level performance group, formed from VH alumni, which tours worldwide. Mind-blowingly beautiful & diverse live music.
  • Verba Vocal, a youtube channel of singing exercises that I think are quite good / helpful depending how you use them. They can’t replace one to one singing lessons, but can be a nice starting point for practice
  • Unicorn Camps. “Vibrant, fun & peaceful events where children, teenagers & adults can find friendship, creativity and community.” I have taught, learned, laughed & healed on numerous of these, & highly recommend. Unicorn camps are also the birthplace of GLOW choirs.
  • Tristram Plants. Gardens, flowers, plants and nature are undeniably good for body, mind and Spirit. Binsted & Walberton nurseries, created by Rosemary & David Tristram, grow impressive numbers of plants every year, & are now both led by my father Mike Tristram. Find out more on the website, & follow progress on twitter @TristramPlants
  • Suicide Prevention Training, Resources and Help: Olly’s Future; Start The Conversation; Grassroots Suicide Prevention; Stay Alive App.
  • Songbook. I’ve been writing songs for a cappella voices most of my life. You can purchase individual song packages, and songbook bundles, at my webshop.
  • Samaritans 116123. Helpline open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Call when you need a kind and optionally anonymous ear, to talk about anything at all. They’re here to help.
  • Revive A Bee! Are you passionate about Bees and Wildlife? Help Revive a Bee with your own Bee Revival Kit and plant wildflowers with seed paper products. Find out more about why bees matter for the survival of our whole planet, and how to support them. Plus you can buy beautiful eco-gifts for your friends, from which a portion of the funds will go to Rewilding Britain.
  • Red School. Period-positive resources to understand, embrace & work with the menstrual cycle. Healing and informative for anyone who menstruates or knows someone who does. Their ethos & resources also include menarche & menopause.
  • The Natural Voice Network. My professional network: People who work/play with voice & song, & believe that singing is everyone’s birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability. The network was founded by Frankie Armstrong. GLOW Choir is a Natural Voice Choir with the philosophy, ethos and practices of the NVN at its core.
  • My Genderation. “Ongoing film project focusing on trans lives & trans experiences. Created by trans people, about trans people, for a much wider audience. Aiming to show trans people in a realistic way, to combat stereotypes, myths and misconceptions. To date, My Genderation has produced 80+ films, shown at film festivals worldwide, on Channel 4 (My Trans Story), the BBC (New Genderation) and online.” Fox and Owl twitter: @theFoxFisher & @uglastefania
  • MindOut. Mental Health Charity supporing LGBTQIA+ people. MindOut’s team are all LGBTQ+ & have lived experience. MindOut offers support services, peer support groups, counselling, suicide prevention, training, info, advocacy, wellbeing help, online chat support & more.
  • Mike South Photography. Brighton based photographer who loves to capture people’s passion in both digital and film formats, & to create lasting memories of special events. Mike did a photo shoot for me, which see you can see the results of here. Mike also provides landscape and architectural photography services, and has antique film cameras for unique photo opportunities. Mike has generously made most GLOW choir videos, helping capture wonderful community music memories. Contact:
  • Matilda Tristram – Comics and more. Preschool animation writer, author, illustrator & teacher, based in London. Matilda makes funny, moving comics about the lovely & the awful things in life. She’s written for children’s TV, published a graphic novel about being diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant, written picture books for children, & makes comics and drawing guides for adults. I’m very proud to say she’s my sister! 
  • Made of Human / Secret Dinosaur Cult. Comedian Sofie Hagen makes thought provoking, hilarious, healing, badass work. Sofie’s ‘Made of Human Podcast’ (also called MohPod) involves a range of guests, chatting deeply and wittily about life. MohPod is about connection. Secret Dinosaur Cult is a deep & comedic podcast about “Dinosaurs And Daddy Issues,” & a million other things, by Jodie Mitchell & Sofie Hagen.
  • ipse wilderness. Wilderness therapy! Guided transformative walking-talking journeys. Trips are themed to focus on different aspects of mental health and take place in wilderness locations around the UK. ipse wilderness is run by a good friend of mine, who couldn’t be more perfectly suited to this work.
  • Health At Every Size, & other resources that are fat positive & body positive. If you’re interested in social justice, respect and equality, having a better relationship with human bodies, &/or physical and mental health, then check out these resources!
  • Helping Hats. A friend taught me how to knit with just my fingers – known as finger-knitting – and I started making finger-knitted hats, and selling them to support good causes & earn a few bob. Email me if you’d like me to make one for you/a friend, & let me know what charity you want me to support. To see photos, see the Blog Post from when I started the project.
  • GLOW Choir Brighton. Natural Voice Community Choir for LGBTQIA+ people and Allies to come together in song. All voices are welcome without auditions or judgement! Songs from around the globe in many moods and genres, all taught by ear. Come along and sing with us!
  • Educate & Celebrate. Transforming schools & organisations into LGBTQIA+ Friendly places. Creating safe environments for staff, students, governors & parents to thrive. Aiming to enable everyone to be themselves without fear of discrimination. Increasing visibility around Sexual Orientation s& Gender Identity, changing and saving lives.
  • Editors Three. Proofreading and editing for your novel, brochure, thesis or website, from three professionals who met while working for Time magazine.
  • Ecosia is a search engine that PLANTS TREES as you search! Help save the planet by replacing your standard search engine with Ecosia. 
  • Do Your Om Thing. Yoga, meditation, podcasts and more from the down to earth, respectful, questioning, compassionate and unique human, Rosie Iles-Jonas.
  • The Clare Project. A self-supporting transgender support and social group based in Brighton & Hove, open to anyone wishing to explore issues around gender identity. The website highlights Clare Project’s own activities, & also gives links to other trans groups & organisations.
  • Cheeky wipes make washable re-usable period products, & related items. Their washable pads are comfy & beautiful. An initial purchase saves money long term and reduces waste right away. Cheeky Wipes make it easy to live more sustainably.
  • Chris Brown Facilitates. Top quality trainer, embodied coach and consultant specialising in LGBTQIA+ inclusion, suicide prevention, mental health and wellbeing. Co-founder of the charity Grassroots Suicide Prevention. Chris Brown has a wealth of experience and expertise that have benefited many, and she continues to do great work via zoom in Covid-19 times. I’m proud to say she is also my partner.
  • Bi Pride UK. Award winning charity for Bi+ identified people, supporting people who experience attraction beyond gender, and/or identify within the Bi+ umbrella. I’m proud to have been part of starting up this project, fueled by negative experiences of biphobia & by the excitement of meeting incredible people who share a similar vision for Bi+ visibility, rights & events. What the team have gone on to do with this project is incredible. Thank you Bi Pride UK team!
  • Art Explorations. This is a gallery of some “amateur” art I enjoyed making and felt like sharing. Content warning! This art contains nudity, religious & mythical imagery, blood, wounds, creatures, & magical symbolism, in a big bizarre beautiful melting pot of playfulness. PLEASE DO NOT VIEW THIS GALLERY IF any of these things would be inappropriate or upsetting for you. Thank you! However if this content sounds appealing, safe and suitable for you, then do dive in and enjoy some art.
  • About Balance. Yoga & wellbeing studio, run with community values at its core, & emphasis on affordable holistic wellbeing.


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