Spectacular First Session of the Term for GLOW choir! Come and join the harmonic fun!

What a spectacular first session of the term for GLOW choir Brighton today!

Thank you so much to everybody who came along, sang, and helped out. There were fresh new faces and familiar beloveds, coming together to form a unique and beautiful sound. If you didn’t make it today, you’re most welcome to come and try it out another week! Click here for event details for this term.

Today we sang some upbeat and some silly songs, including a timely ode to tea (TEA!), and a Taize invocation for bringing peace to every heart/soul. And, very impressively, we also sang the first section of this gorgeous song by Dobri Hristov, in Old Church Slavonic: Tebe Poem Youtube Link 1. Here’s a different version with more space between the phrases (which is how we chose to do it today – for the sake of both oxygen and dramatic effect!) Tebe Poem Youtube Link 2.

GLOW choir Brighton takes place at the gorgeous St Luke’s Church Prestonville, on Old Shoreham Road near Seven Dials, Brighton, on Saturday afternoon’s during the choir’s term times (not the same as school terms). 

All voices are welcome at GLOW choir. All levels of musical experience and ability are encouraged and supported. We sing a wide range of songs from across the globe in many moods and genres, all taught by ear (so you don’t have to be able to read music).

GLOW stands for Gay Lesbian Or Whatever, and #GLOWchoir is for LGBTQ+ people and Allies. Each term our End of Term Sharing supports a charity with at least 50% of profits from the event, and this is usually an LGBTQ+ charity.

Support, celebration, welcome, exploration, community, connections, harmony, poetry, music, singing, the power of the voice… There’s lots going on at GLOW!

Do come and join us at our next session, or at another session soon. GLOW Choir is led by Hannah-Rose Tristram, who you can read more about on the homepage. Keep singing folks, and keep being your fabulously unique and authentic selves!

glow summer 2018

Come and join the harmonic fun!