Gender Inclusion & Awareness in Choirs

I have co-written a document to help choir leaders and music teachers make their choirs safer, more inclusive spaces for people of all genders.

I co-wrote this document specifically for Natural Voice Practitioners to use. However I’m keen for others to have access this resource as well, so with permission from the Natural Voice Network, I am sharing it here.

I care passionately about this, and I hope it can play some small part in creating a brighter future and a better world for trans, non-binary and other gender non-conforming people.

If you read or download this resource, hooray, and I hope it is helpful to you.

If you decide to share or quote this resource somewhere, please make sure to credit the authors: Hannah-Rose Tristram, Molara and the Natural Voice Network.

Please do not take excerpts out of context, or in any way plagiarise our work.

Please DO use it as a springboard for learning, for bettering allyship and for helping others learn and grow too.

Now you have read the above, please find attached below, the Natural Voice Network Statement on Gender Inclusion and Awareness, published November 2021.

I hope you will find it a helpful ongoing learning resource, and/or starting point.

From time to time this document will be updated, as we receive feedback and/or learn new things. The version here was last updated 28th January 2023.

If you think it could be improved in some way, feel free to let me know at

Below: Access to the document.

If you would like to sing with a Natural Voice Choir which aims to put these principles into practice as best possible, then do head on over to the GLOW Choir Brighton page and have a look at what’s on.

Wishing you well and hoping this resource will be a positive and helpful one for you,