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* COVID-19 UPDATE 2020! For the safety of students, teacher and venue staff, all singing lessons and vocal sessions with Hannah-Rose Tristram will take place via zoom until further notice, due to Covid-19. If you would like to make an inquiry or book an online singing lesson / vocal session with Hannah-Rose, email

* Testimonial about online singing with Hannah-Rose: “Hannah-Rose is such a wonderful teacher, full of warmth and empathy and encouragement as well as just knowing her musical onions! I had never sung solo before but through our online sessions she gave me the confidence to perform a piece live to an audience on Zoom – helping me not only with the technical aspects of the song but also to centre the emotions and intention that I wanted to share with the people who watched.” Nicky B

* Online vocal sessions are available on a more flexible range of dates and times than they were in person. Costs are the same but some flexibility is possible where need requires it. You do not need to have a paid zoom account to take vocal lessons over zoom. Online singing lessons / vocal sessions are open to new and returning clients.

* GLOW Choir Brighton is still operating via zoom, and currently has some places open for newcomers.

  • End of bulletin! The below information may be in need of updating, so check with me about anything you need to know. Thank you!

Do you want to improve your singing voice? Speak with more confidence and varietyLearn ways to keep your voice healthy? Learn how to read written music?

Do you want to develop your vocal confidence and range of expression? Improve a specific aspect of your singing? Have a safe space to explore and develop your voice without being judged?

Are you looking for a singing teacher in Brighton & Hove? Or online?

Hannah-Rose Tristram offers singing lessons, voice coaching, music tuition (including accordion), and therapeutic voice work.

Where? Pre-Covid sessions took place at Hobgoblin Music Shop on specific days. Currently, all sessions are taking place via zoom.

When? Pre-Covid sessions took place on specific days and times. Timetables are now more flexible and changeable – contact Hannah-Rose to inquire.

About the lessons/sessions: Sessions are 60 mins long, and usually begin with checking in, warm-ups and vocal excercises, then move on to working on a specific song / text / vocal exploration. Sessions are carefully adapted to suit the needs of the individual student.

Students are required to choose a song/text to work on as appropriate, and to notify Hannah-Rose of this at least 5 days before each session, so she can prepare the materials you need.

Cost? Sessions cost £45 full price, £40 standard, or £35 concession. This is based on an honesty policy of what you can afford, and needs to be pre-agreed with Hannah-Rose.

Offers? As a thank you to continuing students, I’ll offer a £5 one-off discount on a recommend-a-friend scheme. If you recommend a friend who has not worked with me before, and they state when they book that you recommended me, then your next session after their first session can have £5 off.

How to book? Email or leave a message / text at 07771 511726

Cancellation policy? Click here to view cancellation policy.

Share a Lesson With a Friend/Family Member?  Two person lessons are available at £55 or £50 concession, and all the other details above apply. Two person lessons have the potential for vocal harmony explorations, sharing the cost of the lesson, mutual support and a fun connecting activity.

Please be aware, that in a two person lesson, you have less individual focus on your own voice and journey than you do in a one person lesson, so if there are specific technical or other voice related matters you want to explore more deeply, you might want to book an individual lesson at some point too!

What Students Say:

“I’m early on my voice coaching journey but already feel far more confident and playful with my voice. I’m enjoying the exercises I’ve been given, and find Hannah-Rose’s style to be very thoughtful; she’s taken time to understand my needs and creates a safe space for me to explore and find my authentic voice. Thoroughly recommend sessions with Hannah-Rose.” Rosie.

“Hannah-Rose has a lovely open way of teaching. Encouraging. Fun. Thoughtful. I have always loved singing on my own but wondered if I could actually sing – and it turns out that I can! I found a lot of laughter in the sessions, which I also needed. We worked on all kinds of things that made my singing better, and have more confidence.” Nikki D

“My singing feels freer already, and most importantly, more fun!” Neil Foster, after his first one-to-one session.

“Singing with you has given me the confidence to join the Cathedral choir!” Lulu Willis

“My muscles feel well exercised and my singing feels better already – lovely!” Sophie Bown, after first voice coaching session.

“My singing seems to be coming along nicely. There seem to be signs of real progress with increased confidence. I do thank you very much for helping me through that barrier. You made it safe for me to have a go … The singing sessions seem to be doing me a lot of good.” Rob King

“Singing – you’ve renewed my passion for it and I love it!” Emma Red

For more testimonials, see the Blog!

About the teacher: Hannah-Rose Tristram has been teaching individuals and leading group singing internationally for over 15 years. She believes passionately that giving voice is a human birthright, and teaches with a good balance of clarity, humour, skill and open-mindedness. For more information about her qualifications and experience, go to this BLOG LINK.

Group Singing Opportunities: One of Hannah-Rose’s greatest passions is the positive power of group singing. Hannah-Rose runs group singing workshops for all sorts of different groups of people. If you’d like to book a singing workshop for a group of people (e.g. your work colleagues, a local group, a mini festival etc.), email PLEASE NOTE that face to face / in-person teaching may be limited or unavailable during the pandemic. Do inquire about ZOOM workshops though!

GLOW Choir Brighton: Hannah-Rose leads a community choir in Brighton on Saturday afternoons. GLOW choir Brighton is a Natural Voice Community Choir for LGBTQ+ people and Allies to come together in song. All voices are welcome! GLOW choir sings sumptuous songs from around the globe in many moods and genres, all taught by ear. You can find out more about #GLOWchoir Brighton at the links below: PLEASE NOTE that GLOW choir is currently running on ZOOM only, and is currently only open to people who have previously sung with us in person.

GLOW Choirs Website

GLOW Choir Brighton Facebook page

Watch more videos of GLOW choir here

For all inquiries, email

Alternatively you can use the contact form below.

Keep singing!

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