Singing Lessons & Voice Coaching

Singing opportunities for all voices, with Hannah-Rose Tristram.

Also available: flute lessons and piano-accordion tuition!

Photos above by Mike South / Rhythm & Muse

Singing Lessons / Voice Coaching

Do you want to improve your singing voice? Speak with more confidence and variety? Learn ways to keep your voice healthy? Learn how to read written music?

Do you want to develop your vocal confidence, and/or range of expression? Improve a specific aspect of your singing? Have a safe space to explore and develop your voice without being judged?

Do you want to learn vocal techniques to help bring more freedom and ease to your voice? Do want to have fun, learn, and express yourself?

Hannah-Rose Tristram offers singing lessons, voice coaching, music tuition and therapeutic voice work, as well as flute and accordion lessons.

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**Update 2022: Hannah-Rose is very excited to be teaching in person again!

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Or, head to the Practical Details Page to find out more.

Photos of flute playing al fresco, by Mike South. Hannah-Rose has grade 8 flute and a patient and passionate teaching style, and would love to encourage any beginners or early-intermediate players interested in beginning/furthering their flute playing. If you’re a flute teacher/player yourself and want to collaborate or skillswap, do get in touch!


Photo by Neil Huntingdon

“Hannah-Rose is such a wonderful teacher, full of warmth and empathy and encouragement as well as just knowing her musical onions!

I had never sung solo before but through our online sessions she gave me the confidence to perform a piece live to an audience on Zoom –

helping me not only with the technical aspects of the song but also to centre the emotions and intention that I wanted to share with the people who watched.” Nicky B

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Photos of accordion playing al fresco, by Mike South. Hannah-Rose is a self taught piano-accordion player with a high skill level, and a particular passion for Balkan folk music, Klezmer and other expressive music from around the globe. She started learning the accordion aged 15, so has over twenty years of experience!

Hannah-Rose has a patient and passionate teaching style, and would love to encourage any beginners or intermediate players interested in beginning/furthering their piano-accordion playing. If you’re an accordion teacher/player yourself and want to collaborate or skillswap, do get in touch!


“Hannah-Rose is a very empathic, congruent and professional [voice] teacher who, I felt was always interested and paid attention to what I was bringing to the sessions.

She works holistically and inclusively, and holds a space for creative expression. The sessions were well planned, structured and open for having fun.” Hayley

Read more of Hayley’s testimonial about Therapeutic Voice Sessions with Hannah-Rose, by clicking here.

To book or inquire, contact Hannah-Rose

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Watch Hannah-Rose’s TEDx talk below:


Group Singing Photo by Neil Huntingdon

Things People Say:

“I’m early on my voice coaching journey but already feel far more confident and playful with my voice. I’m enjoying the exercises I’ve been given, and find Hannah-Rose’s style to be very thoughtful; she’s taken time to understand my needs and creates a safe space for me to explore and find my authentic voice. Thoroughly recommend sessions with Hannah-Rose.” Rosie

Photo by Neil Huntingdon

“Hannah-Rose has a lovely open way of teaching. Encouraging. Fun. Thoughtful. I have always loved singing on my own but wondered if I could actually sing – and it turns out that I can! I found a lot of laughter in the sessions, which I also needed. We worked on all kinds of things that made my singing better, and have more confidence.” Nikki D

“My singing feels freer already, and most importantly, more fun!” Neil Foster, after his first one-to-one session.

“Singing with you has given me the confidence to join the Cathedral choir!” Lulu Willis

“I’ve really enjoyed my one to one voice sessions with Hannah-Rose. She is very accommodating and flexible, working with what I want to bring to the table, and is not afraid to contribute, making it a participatory experience that is fun and encouraging.” Ole H.

“My muscles feel well exercised and my singing feels better already – lovely!” Sophie Bown, after first voice coaching session.

“My singing seems to be coming along nicely. There seem to be signs of real progress with increased confidence. I do thank you very much for helping me through that barrier. You made it safe for me to have a go … The singing sessions seem to be doing me a lot of good.” Rob King

“Singing – you’ve renewed my passion for it and I love it!” Emma Red

Photo by Neil Huntingdon

“After having regular singing lessons I feel much more confident using my voice in a more versatile and healthy way. I always come away from our sessions feeling relaxed and uplifted.” Amy

“With Hannah-Rose you are in a safe, encouraging and supportive environment. That encouraged me to relax and really hear the range of my voice for the first time, and that opened up a whole new confidence and enjoyment from singing. So glad I did it. The lessons were fun and I learned a lot.” AnnA

“Hannah-Rose has opened me to a whole new world of possibilities with regards to what i can do with my vocal chords! She creates a relaxed environment with some fun and playful drills and warm ups, whilst including plenty of more technical teachings which I’m applying to the songs we are working on. My inhibitions are falling away and I am just loving experiencing the joy of singing like I once did as a child!” Josie Dade

About Hannah-Rose:

Hannah-Rose Tristram has been teaching & facilitating individuals and groups in song for over 15 years.

She believes passionately that giving voice is a human birthright, and teaches with a balance of clarity, humour, patience, compassion, respect and open-mindedness.

For more information about Hannah-Rose’s qualifications and experience, go to this LINK.

For all inquiries, email or use the contact form below.

Photo c/o SingFest

Other Stuff


A Natural Voice Community Choir for LGBTQIA+ folk and Allies to unite in song. All voices welcome!

Go the the GLOW Choir page to find out more!

GLOW logo by Emilia Ballardini


Do you want to get your workplace singing? Or inspire your family or friend group to sing together more?

Would you like to create a relaxing, fun, interesting experience for your event participants?

Bespoke workshops are available for your group.

These workshops can enhance group bonds and wellbeing, explore a theme, celebrate something, and more.

Bespoke workshops can focus on any theme, genre or purpose as best serves the needs of your group.

Bespoke workshops can also include other elements besides singing, such as Yoga, guided accessible dance or movement, facilitated group sharing, and other valuable, creative, fun and inclusive group activities.

Email to inquire.

Photo by Mike South

Yoga, Dance & Movement

Hannah-Rose has been teaching yoga in various forms since 2010, with emphases on compassion, respect, autonomy, fun, presence, kindness, accessibility and inclusion.

She also has a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Dance and Music, and cares passionately about the transformative, healing, fun and growth-ful potential of embodied practices held in safe and accessible ways.

Find out more on the Yoga, Dance & Movement page.


Cover Art! The artwork at the top of this page is an excerpt from a painting by Lucie Arnoux.

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