Experiences at GLOW Choir

Many thanks to Marta for sharing part of her story, and her experiences at GLOW choir.

When I returned to the UK after a very long break, I was really looking forward to being back at what I considered home. To my huge disappointment (to which I did not want to pay any attention at all), I kept getting rejection signs, from the air, from people, job, school, bank and even from my washing machine. I still tried to pay absolutely no attention to all those obstacles, but started slowly soaking into feelings of even bigger rejection and definitely not a mutual love for my one and only England.

Lack of sense of belonging, constant battle with The Everyday and it’s moods, made me lost and confused. I remember on one occasion saying those few words out loud (not even realising I have said them) – ‘Why do you hate me so much England..?’. There I was, with my dream being broken and smashed into a thousand pieces. And I remember that one night, flipping through news feed from my friends and people I know on my phone. GLOW – Come and sing! I thought – I really want to go and see where that could take me.

First session felt like as if something has sewn back my thorn out wings. Wings that used to carry me but lost their power and magic to make the world a better place. The feeling of being appreciated, loved and necessary to make that small change has returned. So highly needed sense of belonging to my new family, new friends, new faces with thousands of new ideas and creative minds.

I walked back home so happy. Oh, hold on, I flew above the ground, carried and steered by my wings, empowered and reassured that maybe sometimes moving to a new home can be tough, but with a little courage from friendly souls and support given to my internal desires to sing can ease out the initial pain and feeling of rejection. I’m still being carried by my wings. I regained that very important sense of belonging, to someone, to somewhere. I found back home. Thank you for the music…”

It’s wonderful to have you singing with us at GLOW choir Marta! Here’s to many more magical community singing times to come. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

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