Helping Hats

I am making Helping Hats, to support Oxfam’s / Save the Children’s work at the awful crisis in Yemen

Find out more about what’s happening in Yemen and what work is being done to help, at these links:

Helping Hats project – what it is, why it is, how to get involved

Here’s how I decided to do the Helping Hats project (text from my original facebook post about it):

I have had a helping hat idea.

I had been wondering about making more hats (now my experiments are getting a bit neater and more reliable!) and selling them, as an extra way to support myself and also to raise funds for an important cause.

I had been thinking about raising for a chronic illness charity, as the main reason I’m making hats is part of managing my own chronic illness

However I think that at the moment I am most moved to support charity work in Yemen where people are being starved due to war.

Weaving to ease worry. Hats to Help raise funds for those affected by the crisis in Yemen.

So, if you’d like to buy a hat from me, a bit like the ones pictured, for whatever you can afford between £10 and £40 (£15+ if possible), plus postage if I’m sending it to you, then once you’ve paid me I will donate half of what you pay for the hat, to either the Oxfam Yemen link or the Save the Children Yemen link, and send you my receipt so you can see it’s gone through.

Hats can be whatever colour you like, provided I have / can find / can afford the yarn.

Giving a rough head size is helpful (eg tape measure where you’d expect a winter hat brim to go – down to nearly neck at the back, diagonally up and forward to forehead at front), but if you don’t want to do that we can estimate.

Hats currently take me two to three hours to make, and require buying yarn too, so speed will depend on what else I have going on and my varying circs etc.

An alternative hat style you can ask for is the pointy witchy hat (see pics below), which is whatever you can afford between £30 – £50, as this hat takes more yarn and time.

You can also ask for finger-knitted Not-Hats, and see if I’m up for and up to making them! Such as the rainbow necklace, the flower, the ‘ocean splash’ bracelet, or the rainbow scarf below (prices for these are negotiated on an individual basis):

There is also the option of requesting a print of a piece of my art, mounted on some card, as a Helping Not-Hat. See art page for browsing.

If you’d rather your half-a-hat (or half a not-hat) was donated to a chronic illness charity or other charity rather than this Yemen appeal, let me know as I’d certainly consider that.

Let me know, anyone, if you’re interested in buying a Helping Hat and/or a Helping Not-Hat!

Scroll down for a gallery of creations I have made as Helping Hats or Helping Not-Hats.