Resonance Choir: Singing Into The Spring!

Resonance Choir: Sing For Trees!

Happening tomorrow, Tuesday 7th Feb! 8.20-9.20pm in Hove.

CONTACT TO BOOK, pre-booking essential.

This month we will be enjoying some songs honouring / relating to earth-based spiritualities or connection to nature, with a song about the seasonal shift from Winter to Spring, and a song about listening to the music of the earth. I hope you will enjoy these!

You don’t have to follow any particular spiritual path to enjoy the content of these songs – if you like nature and the seasons, they will be accessible to you. Also, if you don’t connect with those themes, but you do like harmonies and singing together – you should still be set to have a good time šŸ™‚

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CONTACT TO BOOK, pre-booking essential.

I look forward very much to singing with you!