A Fresh New Look for GLOW!

I’m thrilled to announce that GLOW Choir Brighton has a brand new logo – a GLOW-go! Go GLOW!

I’ve been working with graphic designer Kate Benjamin to create something that will capture the essence of what GLOW Choir Brighton is all about, and help communicate that to the world.

Something that will make people happy when they see it. Something full of colour and meaning, that will make positive ripples, like GLOW choir does.

So, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the the world, the new logo for GLOW choir Brighton!

You will soon start to see various versions of something like the below, appearing in places to do with all things GLOW:

To find out more about graphic designer Kate Benjamin, who has been a total joy to work with, visit https://katebenjamin.com/

GLOW Choir is Brighton’s Non-Audition, Natural Voice Community Choir for LGBTQIA+ Folks & Allies!

All voices are welcome at GLOW choir, to join in the harmonious singing and supportive community fun.

GLOW choir has been a welcoming community space for LGBTQIA+ folks and Allies to enjoy the good vibrations of singing together, since it began in January 2015.

GLOW kept going throughout the pandemic, meeting on zoom and in local parks, and is now back in full GLOWing glory in the beautiful acoustics of St Luke’s Church, Old Shoreham Road.

To find out more, contact hannahrose@getbrightonsinging.com

“GLOW choir is a supportive queer community, a place for everyone to find their voice and use it.”

I think these beautiful logos represent and communicate what GLOW choir is all about.

These logos will soon start to pop up in all the GLOW places, eg fliers, website, socials, even merchandise. Watch this space!

And a huge thank you again to Kate Benjamin for working with me so thoughtfully, creatively and skilfully to make something so totally perfect for GLOW.