GLOWing Appreciation

Totally magical GLOW Choir session this afternoon. I’m still humming and vibrant with sonic, community joy and indescribable good things made of harmony and human and more. ❤

There is such immense power, beauty and joy, and meaning, and expansiveness, in singing together in harmony and community, and especially with this wonderful community of LGBTQIA+ Folks and Allies.

So powerful to be both part of something bigger than oneself, which choir-ing facilitates, and also more fully expressed as one’s self, which using your voice and being in warm and welcoming queer+ community, can bring about.

So grateful for and proud of this wonderful thing.

And for all my planning, practising, preparation, advertising, thinking through, communications and other things – once we show up in the space, there is always a reward greater and more unique than i could ever have planned or predicted – the perfectly unique combination of any day’s voices in harmony.

Heart bursting with pride and gratitude. Huge thank you everyone who is part of the GLOW Choir community, today, recently, in the broader timeline of GLOW – or even about to join us next time (newcomers are welcome, contact me for deets).

Thanks everyone. ❤