Yoga For M.E.

Had a lovely time teaching at the Yoga for ME class today.

I will be leaving my post at this class at the end of April, but it has been a wonderful thing to be a part of for these years I have been a part of it, both at Cornerstone Community Centre and Online since Covid.

I’m really grateful for this class experience. It’s been great to give back to the chronic illness community that I’m a part of.

Teaching this class has also helped me get to know who I now am as a yoga teacher, since getting ME in 2016, and since becoming a little bit older and wiser, in relation to yoga practice and teaching.

I’m leaving the post for reasons to do with how much energy and time I have for things, and where i most want and need to put my energy and time.

Thank you everyone who has practiced with me at this class. It will still be running, definitely at Cornerstone and hopefully also online, when i leave – there is now a team of teachers involved with this class so you’ll be in good hands with this lot!

I’ll still run my own occasional yoga workshops/sessions after a break, which I’ll post about on here if/when they happen too.

I also have a mini email list for yoga offerings so just drop me a line if you’d like to join me for a yoga offering some time. ❤

Love to all x