GLOW Choir Zooms & In Person Sings Coming Up

Fancy joining GLOW choir for a cosy musical Zoom this coming Saturday? Newcomers are welcome to join us.

This session will offer you the chance to (Opting In and Out of activities as your prefer):

* Get to know your fellow GLOW Choir folks a bit more

* Be in a safe space where you can show up just as you are, amongst LGBTQIA+ folk & Allies, and enjoy connecting through song and music

* Warm up your voice and have fun singing a simple upbeat song:

“Why Not Go Forward Singing!” (It makes The Going easier!) by Rowena Whitehead

* Walk a musical mile in each others shoes and sing for compassion for those in refugee situations, with Rebecca Spalding’s song “Walk A Mile in My Shoes”

* Get your teeth into learning and/or refreshing a more complex original song (all by ear, no need to read scores) that reflects on love and mortality, “Going Home To Love.” Love is here, love is now, love is you, love is me, love is everything we do…

* Celebrate the gift of being, with Rabbi Heschel’s sweet and simple song, “Just To Be (is a blessing).”

* Have a fun mini disco (and/or be a part time DJ!) – which is, like everything, totally optional.

* Go to choir from the comfort of your own home, and without the money/energy cost of travel.

* Get to know or refresh GLOW songs ready for the next time you might sing them in person.

* Enjoy hearing others’ voices and sharing your own voice (if you want to), in unique and creative ways via Zoom.

There will be a break halfway through the session, and you will be encouraged to move around / stand / sit / lie down / take breaks / do what you need to do, to be comfortable during the session and to have a good time.

Please do let me know if you’d like to book a place on this session! It would be super to see you there. Contact to get involved

With thanks, Love and song,

Hannah-Rose xo

PS Zoom not your bag? No worries – we’ll be back at St Luke’s on 5th March! Just contact to book your place, or to sign up for a half price volunteer place at one of the St Luke’s sessions.

GLOW Logo by Emilia Ballardini