How To Book One to One Sessions:

To book singing or instrumental lessons, please contact or 07771 511726.

Hannah-Rose will discuss availability with you, along with your needs and wishes for the sessions, and practicalities.

Practical Information

Here is some important practical information about One-Person Singing Lessons.

Please note this information is about one to one sessions, not choirs / groups.

If you’re wanting to book a place at one of the choir sessions Hannah-Rose leads, or want to organise a group session, please contact

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Covid-19 & Infection Safety

About The Sessions

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One Person Singing Lessons currently cost £50 full price, £45 standard, or £40 concession.

This is based on an honesty policy of which of the above you can afford, and needs to be pre-agreed with Hannah-Rose.

*For Two-Person Shared Session Costs, and other Offers, see Below.

Wherever possible, payment needs to be made at the time of booking your session, as this is when Hannah-Rose will need to pay for the venue hire for your session.

If it is not possible for you to pay at the time of booking, please make sure you pay for the session at least 48 hours in advance.

Payment details will be provided upon inquiry.

**These session prices have been updated June 2022, to reflect the additional costs of room hire and travel, additional trainings and experience undertaken by Hannah-Rose, and the cost of living in the current economic climate.

**If these prices exclude you from booking altogether, please let Hannah-Rose know so arrangements can be discussed.


Hannah-Rose is teaching In Person sessions at Under The Bridge Studios, in Central Brighton.

Hannah-Rose also offers sessions online or al fresco, should this be needed.

About Under The Bridge:

This lively and beautiful community venue has good accessibility and some ventilation available too: further details can be given on inquiry.

Travel Tips: Under The Bridge Studios, 7 Trafalgar Arches, Brighton, BN1 4FQ.

Public Transport: UTB is very close to Brighton train station, and also has bus stops nearby.

Coming By Car: There are 3 car parking spaces at the venue but these may be in use or needed by other hirers/groups, so please keep the nearby Sainsburys car park and Brighton station car park in mind if coming by car. Avoid parking outside UTB anywhere other than the designated spaces as this may incur fines from other venues.


Click here to view cancellation policy. Please make sure to read this before making your booking, and to let Hannah-Rose know in a message that you’ve read, understood and agree to it, or if you have any conerns.

Covid-19 & Infection Safety

Hannah-Rose wants to make sure that everyone stays as safe and well as possible, so please make sure you read, understand and keep to the following infection safety mitigations when attending sessions.

Please let Hannah-Rose know you have read, understood and agree to infection safety measures, before making your booking. Hannah-Rose will also keep to the below agreements.

* Don’t attend if you have symptoms of infectious illness, including those associated with Covid-19 and/or common cold/flu

* Don’t attend if you’ve been in recent close contact with someone who’s tested positive for covid or displayed covid symptoms, or other symptoms of infectious illness

* Don’t attend if you are testing positive for covid, even if you have no symptoms

* Don’t attend if you have symptoms of infectious illness, even if you test negative for covid

* If you have access to Lateral Flow Tests feel free to test before attending: but this is not a requirement.

* Masks are not required but you’re welcome to wear one at any time you want to.

* Hannah-Rose will make sure the space is as well ventilated as possible, and feel free to request distancing if you require this.

* Sanitise or wash your hands when sensible to do so.

About The Sessions

A session lasts 50 mins, and usually starts with checking in, followed by warm-ups, vocal exercises and other vocal activities, and then moving on to working/playing with a specific song / text / vocal exploration. Sessions are carefully adapted to suit the needs of the individual.

Students are requested to choose a song/text/area to explore, and to tell Hannah-Rose this with as much notice as possible before each session, so she can prepare the materials you need.


Sharing a Session: Get in touch to discuss sharing a lesson with somebody else, for social fun, different learning possibilities such as harmony singing, or sharing costs session between you.

  • In 2022, two-person sessions cost:
  • Full Price £35 per person (£70 total), Standard Price £30 per person (£60 total), or Concession £25 per person (£50 total)

To book a shared session or discuss rates for bigger groups, email to inquire.

**If these prices exclude you from booking altogether, please let Hannah-Rose know so arrangements can be discussed.

Recommend A Friend Offer:

As a thank you to continuing students, there is a recommend-a-friend scheme. It works like this:

  • You recommend a friend who has not worked with Hannah-Rose before.
  • They state when they book that you recommended Hannah-Rose to them.
  • Then your next session after their first session, can have £5 off.

I Look Forward To Working WIth You!

To book or inquire, contact or 07771 511726

Or use the contact form below

I look forward to working with you!