Arty Explorations

Arty explorations

I enjoy making art. If you enjoy looking at art, you might like to see some of my personal creations. However please read the content warnings before you do.


Before you go to the virtual art gallery, please be aware that these art pieces contain:

Nudity, mythical and religious imagery, blood, wounds, creatures, and lots of magical symbolism.

If this may be inappropriate or upsetting for you, PLEASE give my art gallery a miss. Thank you!

If this sounds like TOTALLY your thing, then dive in and enjoy some art.

For some more specificity, to help you decide, you can currently expect to see in there: religious imagery, mythical & magical symbols, owls, snakes, cats, squirrels, human nudes, blood, words, swords, wounds, apples, hands, wings, sigils, sun/moon, fruit, skulls, flowers, and other such things.

If you decide it will be okay for you to view content described above, and you have taken on board the content warnings, and you’re pretty sure this content will not be inappropriate or upsetting for you, then I hope you will have a lovely experience looking at and interpreting these creations. Enjoy!