Bees and Stars

There are a couple of new things on my recommendations page that I’m really loving and want to tell you all about. Go here on my recommendations page to check them out, or have a look below.

Astrol Light: This small projector is truly magical. It projects a moon and star-scape across your ceiling / wall, making instant, spacious, relaxing atmosphere and ambience. It has an LED setting that makes it look like the Northern Lights are happening in your home!

I got one of these on sale as a gift for my partner, and she LOVES it. We have it on to make relaxing magical vibes almost every evening now. It’s good for a bit of extra twinkle and sparkle when you most need it.

Revive A Bee! Revive a Bee help promote knowledge and understanding of how to support bees, why they matter for the survival of our whole planet, and how to support them. They make Bee ‘Thirst Aid Kits’ that you can give people as gifts to help them be prepared to revive bees on the go, and they use seed paper packaging that can be transformed into wild flowers. Amazing! Some of their profits go to Rewilding Britain: another great cause.

I hope you will enjoy perusing these sites and will learn something about bees or stars as you go.

I wonder if bees and stars could be linked poetically… here’s my attempt:


a swarm of stars hums

galaxy spins nectar songs

turned by tiny wings