Dreamtime Dancing

This is a song I wrote around 2018, inspired by the altered states that insomnia can sometimes bring about.

I re-recorded this song today, with a much improved home-recording set up I’ve been working on for months to support my Voice Acting work, and have made a video with this higher quality audio and some evocative photos I took on New Years Eve at Wakehurst Illuminated (GLOW Wild!). I hope you enjoy it. Please do share it if you do.

I hope you will enjoy relaxing and listening to this song – and perhaps even singing along!

The higher quality sound file for this song is available for purchase at my webshop, and soon there will also be song materials, score, teaching permissions and tips etc available to purchase too.

Keep singing and thank you for your time listening to my song(s) and reading my blog!

Kind wishes, Hannah-Rose Tristram