Call To Action: Save Our Countryside!

Please, please, PLEASE respond to this consultation, asking Highways England to scrap their proposed plan-of-destruction, and to build NO NEW ROADS.

The beautiful villages and countryside where I grew up, Binsted and Walberton, stand to be DESTROYED, along with other villages, wildlife, countryside, habitats, the peace of an ancient Community Church which is still in use, and the beautiful ancient woodland I grew up playing in.

Highways England want to take the most expensive, most destructive option, because it will make them more money (as far as i can tell). This is totally shameful. It will not reduce traffic – it will just put more cars on the road and destroy trees and greenery: when we need trees and greenery most.

It will negatively impact climate change goals and intentions, irreversibly destroy wildlife habitats, countryside and communities, and is an unbearably awful thing to still be having to fight off. They have been trying to destroy this beautiful place and build here for as long as I have been alive: and activists have managed to hold them off for 30 years: but they are now ploughing ahead, poised to destroy, and have even started digging up parts of beautiful Binsted, despite the public consultation not yet being over.

Please please please go to this consultation form, and express your strong objection. You don’t have to go into great detail if you don’t want to – just let them know that you want to save our countryside, villages, communities, creatures and planet. And that you don’t want them to destroy these things for the sake of more tarmac and pollution. Thank you!