Helping Hats & Crafty Bits

From time to time I make crafty bits and pieces.

Sometimes I like to share these with the world by giving them as gifts, selling them, leaving them as street treasure for people to find, or using them to raise money for causes I care about.

I started making finger-knitted hats after my friend Sea taught me how to finger-knit (you use your fingers instead of needles), and it’s been a tactile, creative, soothing and satisfying activity I have revisited often since.

I made a ‘Helping Hats’ project intially, supporting charity work around the Yemen Crisis. You can find out about my initial Helping Hats Project, here:

I’ll often post my creations on social media for folks to purchase or access, so if you want to connect with me on socials then feel free to send me a connect request at:

facebook / instagram

You can also find me on twitter and linkedin but I don’t post about crafty creations on there at present, as they don’t feel like the right platforms for it.

I’m hoping to make and sell some more hats and other creations to support the Survivors Network, and other good causes, in the coming year, so do connect with me on social media if you’d like to support or find out more.

You might also like to check out my Art Page, which is a gallery / personal record of some of my art works, which are made and shared purely for my own expression and enjoyment, and are not a professional product. If you do take a look, please check the *Content Warnings* at the top of the page before you scroll down, to make sure it will be appropriate viewing for you. Thank you!

Whilst I don’t make art to sell, sometimes people have loved my art and asked for prints of it. If this is you, let me know, and we’ll see what we can do.

These creative and crafty offerings are informal for me – I don’t pretend to be an expert: just someone who loves to create and loves to share.

Thank you and take care!


*What’s the hyperlink on my name? I’m so glad you asked! It’s a wonderful way of adding inclusion into your email signatures and web profiles.

Check mine out and see if you might like to make one too. It’s a quick and easy way to add multiple layers of inclusion to your communications, including letting people know in one easy click how to pronounce your name, how you do and don’t want to be referred to in different contexts, your pronouns, and more. Thank you to my wonderful partner as ever for introducing me to this and other great things.

Take care everyone!

“Let the beauty we love be what we do…” Rumi