Invocation of Wisdom or Guidance

This is a snippet of a song I wrote over the past week: an invocation of wisdom or guidance (this invocation could be from within or from without, as you prefer).

I hope you will find it nourishing.

If you like it, you can head to to purchase over 5 minutes of quality audio 🙂

I’m aware the video editing is somewhat lacking in this snippet: I’m working on it 🙂

However the audio that is available on my webshop is the best quality audio I’ve recorded yet: thanks to building a recording “tardis” (aka vocal booth) to drastically improve my recordings.

Teaching materials for this song are not yet available to purchase (they’re in the pipeline), but this song is available to buy as one single audio file for listening pleasure rather than as teaching materials.

I’ve also added this much cheaper “listen for pleasure” option to all the songs on the webshop, so if you want to buy one of my better quality sound files to listen to, but don’t want to be buying teaching materials, you can do so for a few bob 🙂

I hope this song will nourish you, even from this tiny clip.

It has a lot of my soul in it. Love to all ❤