Finding Our Way

“Finding our way

The path may yet be clear

Breathe with this day

We walk with Love and Fear near”

Hannah-Rose Tristram 2021

The above are lyrics to a song I wrote today 🙂


These are strange in-between times.

People are trying to live with Covid-19 at large.

Trying to be sane and happy and live full enough lives.

Trying to survive, protect themselves and/or each other.

Trying to do the things that makes life worth living,

Whilst also preserving life in times of pandemic.

It’s a challenging time!

It’s also Autumn here in the UK,

Moving into the darkness of the shadowy part of the year.

Everything is changing.

Leaves changing colour

Trees changing their clothes

Clocks leaping backwards in time

Daylight patterns shifting

Humans doing their best/worst as humans do…


In honour of these in between times, I’ve written a new song.

You can hear a snippet of it at the youtube link below.

Quite soon it will be up on my webshop too,

So do check that out if you want to hear more of the song

Or purchase materials to help you sing this song with your friends.

Wishing you safe, happy and well,