Hello. I wrote a poem today, and wanted to share it, for human reasons. So here it is on my blog! I hope you will enjoy it or be touched by it in some way.

I wonder what your responses are as you read this poem. What physical sensations do you notice? What emotions feel present, if any? Where do your thoughts go, if anywhere? Do your thoughts seem like pictures, a string of words, or something else?

Anything you notice is useful information about you, and since you’re a human, useful information about humanity. Thanks for engaging with these questions in any way that you have.

And thank you for reading this poem about being human.

If you super loved this poem, please consider making a donation. Thank you so much if you can! And if you can’t, no worries. Thanks for connecting with me by reading one of my poems, and I hope you have a lovely day.

You can also commission me to write songs, poems or make other pieces of art for you, if you have a project / vision / friend you want to treat.

On the subject of treating friends – I teach singing and yoga via zoom, and you can buy colourful vouchers for these as gifts for beloveds. Contact me if you’re interested!

If you’re having a shitty day because of the pandemic, or because life can be hard in various ways, then I’m sending kindest wishes to you; and I hope that there may be comforts of some kind for you and some easier times tomorrow.

If you’re having a great day – yay for you! Long may it be so.

Wherever you are at today, I hope that reading this poem has brought you a sense of connection, beauty, meaning, catharsis, resonance, food-for-thought or some other enjoyable thing. If you didn’t like the poem, I hope you can take some enjoyment in that too.

Here’s a dose of Autumnal beauty to be a nice thing to look at. And a couple of pictures of me prancing, cos why not.

Best wishes and thanks for reading,