GLOW Choir Brighton 2020 Press Release!

GLOW Choir!

Brighton’s Natural Voice Community Choir for LGBTQ+ folks & Allies.

All voices welcome without judgement – including folks who think they can’t sing!

Read about GLOW Choir’s Winter fundraising success for Survivors Network.

Come & Sing With Us – Join the New GLOW Term which starts Feb 15th!

“GLOW has made me feel more confident with my own voice and taking up space in the world – it feels like a safe space where I’m welcomed and that has had far reaching outcomes in the rest of my life.” Nikolai

At their recent Winter Sharing Event, GLOW Choir and friends raised £165 for Survivors Network, whilst also co-creating a beautiful community music and arts event, celebrating voices from within the local LGBTQ+ & Allies community, and sharing what GLOW choir sang together last term.

GLOW choir has a new term starting Saturday February 15th, which newcomers are very welcome to join! All songs are taught by ear (so no need to read music scores), and all voices are welcome. GLOW will be singing some connecting, cathartic, uplifting, expressive, meditative, fun, funky, peaceful, political, varied and fabulously human music.

Come and experience the benefits of community singing, of sharing space with LGBTQ+ folks and Allies, and of a welcoming and encouraging environment to explore and develop your voice, and learn about music, other people, and yourself. 

GLOW is a wonderful, singing friendship group, where I can be myself and use my voice without judgement and feel safe, content, supported and joyful.” Libbee

Unique amongst the many choirs in Brighton, GLOW is a Natural Voice community choir for LGBTQ+ people & Allies to unite in song. All voices are welcome, without exception. There is no ‘identity policing’ at GLOW: what unites those in the GLOW choir community is not that people are all exactly the same – because they are not. What unites GLOW choir community members over time is a mutual understanding of respect for each other, willingness to listen & learn, the bonding effects of singing together in held space, and a supportive attitude towards each individual in being who they are.

The GLOW Choir atmosphere is one of respect, relaxation, learning and fun. GLOW choir leadership do their best to accommodate specific needs and experiences that choir members may have, and are always open to learning how they can better make people feel safe and welcome, and help choir members to have a relaxing, enjoyable time at GLOW.

“Singing together elevates mood and creates a sense of sharing, connection and community which is highly positive. 

This is true of the majority of choirs, but what makes GLOW unique is the incredibly supportive, almost family, atmosphere that is created.

No one feels excluded but instead greeted and welcomed into a place where there is no judgement, only harmony and an amazing range of beautiful songs from the Natural Voice Practitioners Network in a variety of styles and subjects. 

There is a sense of real peace and contentment that is commented on by many at the end of a session.” AnnA

At the end of each term, GLOW members are given the opportunity to be part of a Sharing Event, which supports a relevant charity and celebrates GLOW and local voices. Many participants enjoy performing at the End of Term Sharing Events, but there is no obligation to perform in them if you simply want to come and enjoy the sessions.

The main focuses of GLOW choir are the participants’ enjoyment, the support of community, developing strong community bonds and group safety, respect for the origins and purpose of all music explored, and the experience of a patiently and passionately led group sing in an encouraging environment.

“Glow is incredible – I could not have dreamt of a more welcoming, warm and light hearted, fun singing group. I never thought I would be in a choir. Glow changed that. Glow represents what is best about communities.” Sophie C  

GLOW Choir leader Hannah-Rose Tristram has been leading choirs and teaching singing for well over a decade, and has travelled the world in pursuit of great music for a cappella voices. To find out more, see

Photo by Neil Huntingdon

Practical details!

WHEN? Saturday afternoons

TIME?   2.30 to 4.30 (tea break included)

NEW TERM: 15th Feb to 27th June 2020.

End of Term Sharing 27th June

WHERE? St Luke’s Church Prestonville, 64 Old Shoreham Rd, BN1 5DD

PRICES: Drop in: £10 Full Price, £9 Standard, £7 Concession.

Up front term pay = 3 sessions free

CONTACT:  /   07771 511726

FAQs: See website / fliers.           

Please note: Contact us before your first session, in case of changes to the above info