GLOW Choir’s Fundraising Success for Survivors Network! Plus GLOWing 2020 & Packpins gig…

HUGE thank you to the wonderful GLOW Choir folks & friends, for the beautiful Winter Sharing we co-created on Saturday 14th Dec 2019.

It was a heart-warming, fun, uplifting, varied & lovely community event, with a great turn out – thank you so hugely much to everyone who invited friends, performed, volunteered, sang in GLOW, did introductions, brought stuff and did All The Things to make this another properly Wonderful & special GLOW Choir Sharing event. You all rock!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and this celebration of the GLOW Choir Community, of music & arts, and of LGBTQ+ Folks and Allies. You all sounded beautiful and my heart is full with the generosity & courage with which you all showed up and shared of yourselves, in various ways. THANK YOU!

I’m hugely grateful for and proud of you all.

Not only did you all make a beautiful community music and arts event together, with kindness and generosity of spirit, but we also raised £165 for the Survivors Network! You can read more about them & the work that they do, here:

Survivors Network were very grateful for our donation and have sent us this graphic as a thank you:

I hope you all have a kind, loving and nourishing Year Turning Time (or whatever you most need in this next piece of Winter), and I’m so looking forward to singing with GLOW choir folks again in 2020!

See below for the dates and deets for GLOW Choir Spring & Summer Singing Term 2020! Plus some tea wisdom, for good measure. I hope to sing with you all again, soon and with full heart and voice.

Also – there is an EXCITING GIG coming up! Packpins & Friends are bringing you some musical magic in support of
Come and brighten up your January with musical fun at St Luke’s, in that long January gap before glorious GLOW choir ing starts up again!

See below for details and at the facebook event:

Kind wishes to anyone reading this and to everyone else too. May love and song be with you xo