A Few Floaty Thoughts About Balance

There’s a tricky balance to find


Between making the most of each day

And taking care of your needs, acknowledging your limitations


Between living each day as if it was your last, savouring every last drop with vim and vigour

And taking care of your body and mind, acknowledging your need for rest and

processing, allowing for cycles of activity and rest


Between wild in the moment fun,

And careful future planning,


Between enjoying yourself with abandon,

And managing your energy,


Between commitment to the moment, full engagement with the current reality,

And awareness that it will pass


Between the boundless possibilities of your imagination, of the world,

And the limits of your human body,


Between what you want,

And what you need,


Between what you want to give to others,

And what resources you have available (energy, money, time, priorities, commitments, inclination, abilities…),


Between what others want from you,

And what you are willing and able to give,


Between resting enough,

And not disappearing – remaining yourself, remaining here,


Between doing enough,

And not burning out – leaving breathing space, yet having things to leave breathing space between


Between giving enough,

And keeping your cup from emptying – contributing to the wider world, but not at too great a cost to the part of it that is you


Between having enough,

And keeping your plate from breaking – you can have too much or too little of a good thing


Between what you must do to play the human world’s games, be part of it all,

And what you need to do for the survival of body, mind, soul,


Between the needs of your soul,

And the needs and limits of your body,


Between what you want for yourself,

And what you are currently able to do.


It’s a tricky balance to find, to explore, to keep, and to dance with (in chaos or in stillness).


Finding ways to make the most of each day, without burning yourself out

To give to others, without emptying your resources too far

To have fun, in ways/amounts that don’t exhaust you too much

To allow time for the rest you need, and also punctuate that with happenings

To play the social world’s games and be part of it, and also be true to yourself

To ‘yes’ and to ‘no’, to ‘maybe’ and to ‘don’t know’

To now, and tomorrow, and reflect and plan, and go for the moment


It’s a tricky balance to find.