Anti Racism & Cultural Honouring at GLOW

Anti Racism and Cultural Honouring at GLOW Choir Brighton, updated January 2022.

With thanks to the Natural Voice Network’s Anti Racism and Cultural Honouring team (the ARCHers) for inspiring and informing much of the below.

GLOW Choir leadership makes a commitment to anti-racism and cultural honouring at GLOW choir Brighton, in the ways described in the document below.

This commitment and its contents will be reviewed and updated in an ongoing manner. 

If you would like to see this improved, make a suggestion or offer feedback, please contact

This commitment document has been written by Hannah-Rose Tristram January 2022.

It has been inspired by, and some content adapted from, the work of the Natural Voice Network’s Anti Racism and Cultural Honouring team.

Please do not take out of context or directly reproduce the contents of this document.

Please do however use it as a springboard for inspiration to create your own commitments for your groups.

Feedback on improving this is very welcome. For feedback or any other inquiries contact


Beneficiaries of GLOW Choir’s regular remunerations plan (mentioned in the document above) include:

  1. Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund. Regular donations through 2022 and 2023. Total donated so far (last updated 8th April 2023): £110
  2. Reproductive Rights Fund. One off donation June 2022


GLOW Choir has also done fundraising to support LGBTQIA+ Charities including:

Brighton LGBT+ Switchboard


Educate & Celebrate

Albert Kennedy Trust

Rainbow Migration