A Helping Hand

SO happy to find out today that something I did on a UW call recently, helped someone out a lot (even before they start accessing UW’s customer savings and perks).

I noticed on this person’s bill with their current company, that their estimated gas usage was way, WAY higher than that of a highest-consumption household type, despite their being a lower usage household.

I’m not an expert: I’ve only been doing this about 7 weeks, but it just didn’t seem right, so I encouraged this person to contact their company about it.

They told me today that the company got back to them saying that they (the company) had been completely mistaken.

So now, instead of being over £2’000 in debt to the company, this person is not only clear of debt with them but actually £750 in credit!

I am absolutely thrilled that my fact-finding with this person, and their proactiveness, has led to this result, which is only fair and right.

It goes to show that having someone you can have a frank and pro-active conversation about your bills with, can go a long way, even if that person isn’t a total expert.

Thank you to this person for giving me permission to share this anecdote without identifying them, and for sharing this lovely piece of news with me today. ❤ ❤ ❤

Heart is warm 🙂

… on the subject of a helping hand, I’m thinking to organise a litter pick in Queen’s Park or another Brighton green space soon, with clean-up kit c/o UW. If you’d like to do one of these with me, drop me a line and let’s get chatting