Vocal Sessions Testimonial

Many thanks to Hayley for the following testimonial about Therapeutic Voice Sessions via zoom, with Hannah-Rose Tristram:

“Following a life changing event which shook me to the core of my being, I knew I had to cultivate my life in a way which kept me grounded and centered.

I had a desire to find my natural voice and use singing as a way of working with energy. So my first task was to find a teacher who could support me in this.

Hannah-Rose is a very empathic, congruent and professional teacher who, I felt was always interested and paid attention to what I was bringing to the sessions.

She works holistically and inclusively, and holds a space for creative expression. 

Hannah-Rose always checked in with me to see what I wanted to bring to the session, what was working well for me and anything which wasn’t a good fit.

I always felt that the sessions were well planned, structured and open for having fun. 

Thank you Hannah-Rose for holding this space for me and helping me giving me the space and encouragement I was looking for.” Hayley.

Many thanks to Hayley for this testimonial.

To inquire about booking vocal sessions with Hannah-Rose, email hannahrose@naturalvoice.net and/or see getbrightonsinging.com